What’s Life….

When you sit in a room, in the dark of the night, staring at the wall wondering at the chain of events that led to this, you realise: that’s Life and Life is anything but a series of fortunate events.

The lows of rejection, pain etc are numbed by the euphoria of success, happiness etc (Life playing out the Law of Averages) but at the end of it all, what remains is the vacuum of the Present.

Has anyone dealt with the Present is what intrigues me.

There are essentially two types of people: the Optimist and the Pessimist. The common thread: the Present. The outlook of the Future is what defines and finally separates them.

But the undying question: does the Present make the Future or the probable Future make the Present?

Or maybe it’s something we have entirely missed: the Past. Isn’t Past supposed to be the marker for the Present and guiding light for the Future? Or is it the other way around?

In the grand scheme of things, maybe it doesn’t matter. As someone once said (maybe): looking into the sunshine is all good but make sure you don’t step on the puddle and ruin the moment.

With that thought in mind, my dear readers, next time you are in doubt, close your eyes and tuck yourselves in for a good night’s sleep cos as Sinatra once sang ” that’s Life..”


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