Naming of the Paper

4 wizened men with flowing grey beards and 2 wise women with hair like wool sat along a round table. Eyes hollow, Mood grim, they sat contemplating the misfortunes that befell beings of their stature. The recent news was a cause of concern to them all. The High Queen Empress had poured cold water on the Court Monitor-err’s dream: Christening of the Paper.

“The Paper should signify everything we do. Let’s name it: The Story of Inbound Labours ” said the Inbound Specialist. His argument: Since the Inbound was the nerve of the Kingdom, interacting with the Citizens and numbering thousands among the tens deserved the charge of naming and immortalizing the Paper.

The Alchemist part 2 pitched in: “the Inbound Specialist speaks the truth but isn’t the revenue generation as important, if not more. The strategies involved, the execution, the follow-ups and the ilk. So let’s name it: Al-Chemistry, the study of…”

There was a murmur of discussion with the Court Recorder chiming in, hands in his hair, “Totally agreed. But what say you, Court Trainer?”

Eyes lifting from arranging the papers, she sighed “shouldn’t every contributor be represented; their voices heard?”

“Correctly pointed out” chimed the Recorder, as usual, with hands in his hair.

“I say let’s name it: The Story of our Lives. It captures the Work and Life and balance of both.”

Always quick to the point, the Court recorder added: “and it can go in the Kingdom Registry of Work-Life balance” with, as usual, his hands brushing his delicate lock of hair.

The Court Monitor-err, not to be left behind, said “Well as long as we are naming that, let’s involve the…”

“Brilliant Idea, very brilliant….” said the Recorder, hands finally off his hair, writing furiously, interrupting the conversation, “what say you, Alchemist part 1?”

Eyes lifting off from the paper, deep in thought, he answers: “I am pretty sure the High Queen Empress had her reasons, but shouldn’t we just name it…”

A sudden rumbling distracts the group. Smiling, eyes glinting Alchemist part 1 says: “An empty stomach never helped anyone. Even the fire needs oxygen to burn, doesn’t it? Why not let us discuss this over lunch?”

The Court Recorder “What an idea!!” he says as he rushes to comply as the others murmur in agreement and slowly move out of the room, deep in thought on the joys of eating; the sword hanging above their heads temporarily forgotten, to be visited upon again…when the need arose.


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